Hilo nu nāyuru tukuru/Nā Wahi Pana o Hilo

Exploring famous places of Hilo through moʻolelo.

Ka ua lei mā ʻohu o Waiānuenue.  The rain of Waiānuenue that is like a wreath of mist.

Waiānuenue (lit. rainbow seen in water) is the home of goddess Hina, mother of demigod Māui, known for introducing kapa making to the people of Hilo. Part of the larger Wailuku River system, Waiānuenue’s 80 foot falls is renowned for rainbows formed in its morning mist.

  • Peʻepeʻe (Boiling Pots)

Photo: Msuner. Boiling Pots (http://mapio.net/s/68231/)

Pe’epe’e (lit. to hide continuously) is a series of connected underground pools where water rolls as if boiling.

  • Ka Pōhaku ʻO Naha (Naha Stone)

Photo: (http://www.librarieshawaii.org/branch/hilo-public-library/)

Ka pōhaku ʻo naha is one of two sacred volcanic stones located in front of Hilo Public Library. The stone originated from Mount Waialeale, Kauai and was moved to Hilo by members of the Naha clan via a double hulled canoe.

Read more about the Naha Stone from Hawaiian Language newspapers via the Papakilo Newspaper Database.

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