About the LooChoo Identity Summit

What is the LooChoo Identity Summit?

What is LooChoo?

LooChoo is the Okinawan pronunciation for Ryukyu, the island kingdom, stretching from the Amami group to the north of Okinawa to the Yaeyama Island chain in the south. The term is used at a this conference to refer to all islands within the union, not just Okinawa.

Who is Ukwanshin Kabudan?

Ukwanshin Kabudan is a non-profit, Ryukyu performing arts troupe based in Honolulu. The purpose of this organization is to maintain the traditional music, dance, and cultural art forms while fostering goodwill and understanding through sharing. Ukwanshin also participates in educational programs to promote cultural awareness. Regular workshops on LooChoo culture, history, music, dance, and language are held on O’ahu, Maui, and Hawai’i Island. Please visit us online at http://www.ukwanshinkabudan.org or email us at ukwanshinkabudan [at] gmail.com.

funi_low2What is ukwanshin?

The “Ukwanshin” (oo-‘kwa-n-sheeng) or “crown ships” carried the Chinese emperor’s emissaries to officially install the kings of Ruuchuu. However, these ships not only carried these important officials, but also brought over scholars, artisans, and traders with their goods. Thus, the Ukwanshin became not only a symbol of diplomatic relations, but more importantly a vessel for the exchange of culture.

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