2022 Loochoo Identity Summit


artwork by Kaiya Yonamine and Dane Nakama


Ukwanshin Kabudan is pleased to announce that our upcoming 8th annual LOOCHOO IDENTITY SUMMIT will be held on Saturday, March 19, 2022. The current global pandemic prompts us to offer this one-day summit to be conducted virtually online. Fortunately, this will also allow those interested to participate from all corners of the world. No fee will be assessed – it’s free! The summit events will begin at 3:00pm (Hawaii time) to accommodate our viewers in Okinawa and projected to conclude by 6:00pm (Hawaii time).

The theme for this year’s Summit is MAMUIN: To Preserve, Protect and Perpetuate Our Treasures.

The worldwide pandemic has caused us to reflect on what is important in our lives as individuals and as a community. It often takes such a calamity to awaken us to the realization that our world and our relationships are fragile and extremely precious. There are three verbs often associated with things we value and treasure: preserve, protect and perpetuate. We preserve these “treasures” to keep its essence intact. In this process, we also protect them against loss or harm. The reason to engage in acts of preserving and protecting is to perpetuate these “treasures” for others long after we pass.

The Unchinaaguchi word mamuin expresses the acts of preserving, protecting and perpetuating and, most significant, the connectedness and intersections of these actions. The essence of mamuin is to care for and sustain something that is meaningful and precious and enable it to thrive beyond our lifetime. Most important within the cultural context of mamuin is that the actions of preserving, protecting and perpetuating cause no harm to others.

This Summit will focus upon the many “treasures” that we as a worldwide Uchinaanchu community have that are in need of preservation, protection and perpetuation. Past historical and current events have led to our language, culture, land and water facing a multitude of challenges in their very survival and continued existence. Please join us for the 8th Annual LooChoo Identity Summit which will include keynote speakers, panelists, small and large group discussions on these very important issues.

Ukwanshin Kabudan is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded to engage in educational and cultural activities to promote and perpetuate Okinawan (LooChoo or Ryukyu) culture, art, history and language.

Information on Ukwanshin Kabudan can be found at:

This year’s summit will be conducted virtually via Zoom on March 20, 2022. See “Attend” tab above for more details.