2021 Summit

Nankuru Naisa

If you ask most people in Okinawa today the meaning of the Uchinaaguchi  phrase nankuru naisa, you will most likely hear the Japanese phrase  nantoka naru, which roughly translates to “somehow, something will  become of it.” For many, nankuru naisa represents the easy-going, happy go-lucky islander lifestyle that has come to dominate depictions of Loochoo  and its people. However, a deeper examination of the phrase, its original  context, and the history of Shimanchu shifts the meaning of nankuru naisa from an expression of passive resignation, to one of deep conviction and  fortitude to stand up and persevere against daunting or even impossible  odds. For our very first virtual summit, we will hear stories of those who  have chosen to take a stand in what they believe in and challenge our  worldwide participants to find empowerment and hope in our culture and  identity. 

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